simple.pngWelcome to Your Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School - Physics Wiki.

My name is Mr. Les Williams and I'm your Physics teacher this year. You can learn a little more about me by following this link. We are going to get to know each other quite well this year as you explore the universe around you through the study of physics. I'll be your guide... your coach... your well as your biggest fan.

Its likely you're taking the course because you are curious about how the universe works and where you fit in it all - or perhaps its that you want the academic challenge. There are many reasons you might be 'here', but ultimately you are going to be working on a relationship between you and the forces of the cosmos. Get ready for a wild ride. My hope for you once you finish your experience is that you'll be prepared to take this journey as far as you want to go - perhaps places you can't even imagine, yet.

If at this end of this year you feel that you've been pushed, prodded, and dragged through a mountain of far-ranging topics (from the fundamental forces that keep all matter together to the forces that are hurling the galaxies in space apart) then we've just got started on what is really out there!

These courses are designed with the late Albert Einstein's words in mind: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." On the course pages (select your course on the navigation tool on the side of this page) are guides that have A LOT of advice. Make no mistake, the anything worth learning to do well will take some hard work. The study of the physical universe is no different (of course) but it is well worth it.

Best of luck, and thank you in advance for having me along on this adventure with you.

- L Williams

Getting Started

  • Explore this wiki - get to know where is here so that you have the additional resources you need to exceed expectations in your physics course this year! There is a navigation bar on the right of this page. It should take you right to most of the resources for this course.
  • There are three basic courses in Physics at Parkview Science: Pre-AP Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2. I teach the AP Physics courses. In addition I teach Introduction to Engineering Design (Project Lead the Way). Each course has its own area on this wiki.

The Science Magnet Program at Parkview High School

Science Magnet students at Parkview High School are part of one of the most vigorous and distinctive programs in the nation. The Pre-AP and AP program is a worthy study for any interested and prepared student but is required for Parkview Science Magnet students. You can find more information about the science magnet program here.

Important Notices

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  2. Students should have access to the LRSD Edline system. Edline is the district approved way to receive information about student grades and individual student progress. The use of this wiki is totally optional whereas, the use of Edline is not. Please see call the Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School main office at 501-447-2400 immediately if you do not have access to Edline.
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Need Help?

  • This is your wiki... if you don't see something here you are looking for, please contact me so I can try and get it out here for you. DON"T FORGET... I'm here to help - in person - as well. Please feel free to see me if you need help. My tutoring schedule is also posted outside my door.

2015-2016 Schedule
AP Physics 1
Intro To Engineering
Intro To Engineering
AP Physics 1
Intro To Engineering
Intro To Engineering
Tutoring Hours are "zero hour" the first and second "B" days each week in my room - 2-202 by appointment.